"Did You Know There Is An Easy Way To Slash Your Gas Or Diesel Bills Without Modifying Or Changing Anything On Your Vehicle?"

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"Are You Tired Of Seeing The Fuel Guage On Empty Too Often?"
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Read On, The Idle Effect Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars Per Year!

There are so many different devices and ideas of ways to save money, it can become quite overwhelming. Some of these devices include: converting your vehicle to electric, magnetic clamps on the fuel lines, hydrogen injection into the air intake and even a major modification to attempt to run your vehicle on water. The main idea I have seen to save fuel is to turn your vehicle off in traffic and traffic lights.

I have tried many different ways to reduce my fuel consumption but they all fit into one of three categories:

  1. cost too much money to implement
  2. involve intensive modifications to the vehicle (in turn voiding warranty)
  3. cause a big inconvenience in your life

Let me explain the above quickly. Converting your vehicle to electric would fall into category 1. If you have ever looked into this option you will know it costs in excess of $10,000. Attempting to run your vehicle on water is a good example of category 2. These manuals explain many modifications that need to be made and you can bet that GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc would not be very happy with you when you had a warranty issue.

Category 3 is covered by ideas like turning your vehicle off in traffic and traffic lights. By the time you started your vehicle to move ahead a car length in traffic or finally got moving at a traffic light, the people behind you may not be so happy. Plus, if you live in a warm place or a cold place (that covers quite a large spectrum of locations), when you vehicle is not running, neither is your air conditioner or heater. So this idea would work but for the little bit of savings it would be a whole lot of hassle.

This is where The Idle Effect enters the picture. I developed and tested these techniques over the course of a year with the above issues in mind. I wanted a solution that did not cost anything to implement, no modifications required and would not inconvenience me. On top of that, it also had to be a significant savings.

After many tanks of gas and lots of trial and error, The Idle Effect was born. Not only did it meet all of the criteria I outlined but the savings were incredible.

What The Idle Effect Is Not

There are so many fuel saver products on the market, I want to take a minute and list a few of the things that The Idle Effect IS NOT:

  • is not a fuel additive
  • is not a device to connect to your vehicle (either mechanically or electrically)
  • is not something that will inconvenience you in any way
  • is not burning anything different in your engine (I promise - no water)
What The Idle Effect Is

In fact, with so many things The Idle Effect is not, EASY is the best description of what The Idle Effect IS. Seriously, The Idle Effect:

  • is a handful of techniques and not a device; meaning nothing to purchase only techniques to learn
  • is quick to learn, you can be using these techniques in less than 30 minutes
  • is a major money saver and in turn a major fuel saver
  • is still using the same fuel you have been using all along
  • will work on gas and diesel engines
  • will allow you to travel further on the same tank of fuel
  • is GUARANTEED to save you at least 10% in fuel starting from today or else a FULL REFUND
  • is EASY!
Let's Put Percentages Into Real Dollar Savings

I can say The Idle Effect will save you at least 10% and up to 40% on every tank of fuel but what does that mean to your wallet? Below I will show you what these numbers actually translate into savings.

With today's fuel prices, I will use the following costs:

  • a car costs around $40 to fill up
  • a SUV costs around $60 to fill up
  • a truck costs around $80 to fill up

Savings vs Fill Up$40 Fill Up$60 Fill Up$80 Fill Up
10% Savings$4.00 Per Tank$6.00 Per Tank$8.00 Per Tank
15% Savings$6.00 Per Tank$9.00 Per Tank$12.00 Per Tank
20% Savings$8.00 Per Tank$12.00 Per Tank$16.00 Per Tank
25% Savings$10.00 Per Tank$15.00 Per Tank$20.00 Per Tank
30% Savings$12.00 Per Tank$18.00 Per Tank$24.00 Per Tank
35% Savings$14.00 Per Tank$21.00 Per Tank$28.00 Per Tank
40% Savings$16.00 Per Tank$24.00 Per Tank$32.00 Per Tank

Remember, the above savings are on every single tank and I guarantee at least a 10% savings.

I have two vehicles at present, a 2006 Saturn Ion Sedan and a 2006 Saturn Vue SUV. On average I save 25% on fuel with my Saturn Ion and 30% on fuel with my Saturn Vue using the techniques described in The Idle Effect.

With just a single tank of fuel, you can save the cost of The Idle Effect report.

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